Tropical Garden of Butterfly World

Last weekend was one of the best we had in a long time because we were off to Butterfly World; a tiny world where all you see flying around you is an assortment of beautiful creatures, flapping their thin wings.

This tropical sanctuary with an influx of small animals such as iguanas, parrots, reptiles, spiders and many more is the perfect place not only for children but for adults to enjoy and spend time with these extraordinary creatures.

Butterfly World

The minute you walk through the doors, you are invited by an enchanted forest of butterflies and marmosets to bats hanging from the plastic ceilings. We’ve never seen a bat before besides on television or in books, but to see them up close was spectacular.

As you wander through the facility, you’re welcomed by iguanas walking on the floor along with blue duikers, colourful parrots and birds flying throughout the area while you have guinea pigs running around and jumping on one another.

Butterfly WorldButterfly World

We can’t argue that the place didn’t smell anything but great but the experience was worth it. In the nicks and corners of Butterfly World, the room is filled with different species of fishes and spiders which I’m typically not a fan of. They were huge tarantulas in different forms and sizes and luckily for me, they were safely secured in boxes.

Butterfly World

The outer garden houses have many indigenous animals like tortoises and meerkats who weren’t particularly glad to meet us. They hid in their little holes without even making an appearance to greet us. However, we enjoyed the garden for its fresh air and spacious grounds for photo opportunities that we never took. After having another go through the garden, we came across an exciting display of skeletons.  It was fascinating to see how they piece together skeleton bones of animals who have lost their lives.

After an adventure like that, one has to eat. The Jungle Leaf Cafe is situated right before you enter the world of wonders and you seated where you can view the array of colourful butterflies. The food is relatively inexpensive and the service was really great. I truly recommend that you make a turn to the majestical place. For more information on Butterfly World, check out their website.

Butterfly WorldButterfly WorldButterfly World

Until the next adventure

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