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I’m sure for all those beer lovers, this image above would certainly quince your thirst right about now. It definitely satisfied my plus one when I was invited to Castle Lager’s Tank Beer Launch of their 5th outlet opening at Toad on the Road in Westlake three weeks ago.

Castle Lager has a long heritage with South African consumers providing them with the crisp taste of excellent brewery. This time around, they’ve introduced their all new tank beer in the heart of the Mother City. But what the heck is tank beer?

According to the makers themselves, tank beer is the freshest beer in Africa, delivered from the fresh copper tank (image below), brewed with no exposure to heat and poured straight into your glass.

PHOTO_Castle Lager Tank Beer_Outlet TankPHOTO_Castle Lager Tank Beer_Pour

You might be wondering, “So what is the difference between the store bought beer and tank beer?”. Because I don’t drink beer, I asked my partner in crime, Courtney Hans who was in his element that night to explain what the difference is between the two.

“Generally after consuming the store bought beer, you feel bloated from all the gas. When I tried out the beer that came directly from the tank itself, you could immediately taste the difference. It was fresh and, had far less gas then the bottle. But my one question is, where can I get one for myself?”

Oh Courtney! I’m sure you would truly enjoy having a tank for yourself but it’s not available for the public to sell. You can definitely visit their other outlets at Ferryman’s Tavern, Long Street Café, Quay 4 and Forrester’s Arms but is now also available at The Toad on the Road in Lakeside.

The next tank beer installments (in the pipelines) will be at Bossa Social, Somerset West; Vasco da Gama, Greenpoint; Speak Easy, Durbanville; and Firemans Arms, Cape Town which will be available to consumers before the end of the year.

Tank beer launchImages provided by Corporate Image

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