Life Update: What has been going on the last month

Life Update: What has been going on the last month

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can – Neil Gaiman 

My life is one crazy rollercoaster right now. Half the time I’m laughing so hard that my stomach hurts, other days I’m pulling out my grey hairs (they’ve multiplied over the months) and then there are days I’m amazed I made it through it all.

Life Update: What has been going on the last month

It’s funny how one minute you want to become an adult and when you are one, want to just be a child all over again! That’s been me the last few weeks; learning to adapt to my new environment and having to accept it might get worse but I love being uncomfortable, excited and confused; all in one sweep.

So here’s to all the updates in one go:


Wife. Who knew that one word, just one can change the way you view things. I’m not a wife yet but with the wedding a few weeks away, the word is slowly sinking in. It’s funny. I never envisioned myself as one. I didn’t even think I would someday get married. But here I am, a few days of being just that.


It’s probably one of the worse experiences of my life. Don’t get me wrong. Getting married to my best friend AKA Courtney is one journey I wouldn’t trade in for the world but planning a wedding is a nightmare. I haven’t enjoyed anything. Not the to-do lists, constant phone calls, running around looking for venues, caterers, photographers, etc, etc. I mean, my perfect marriage was to do it at Home Affairs. That should tell you a lot.

Life Update: What has been going on the last month


After 25 years of living under my parents’ roof, I moved into an apartment with Courtney and the adulting life is REAL. As many doors closed (I mean, many), one door opened and a lovely owner approved us and, the best part is, its only 15 minutes away from work instead of two hours it uses to take me.

With our two camping chairs, a mat meant for the wall and a borrowed tv standing on my desk, I’m thrilled to have my own space.


With blogging comes social media and for the last few years, I’ve absolutely started to get really obsessed with all the platforms available. It doesn’t help that social media is part of my everyday job but I do enjoy it.

However, the last month I’ve been evaluating the time I spend obsessing with having to put up content and posting every day that it seemed like work instead of enjoyment so I decided to not post or engage at all over the weekends; to allow time with not only myself but with Courtney and to actually appreciate whatever activity I’m doing instead of posting every second of my life. It’s been good so far!

Life Update: What has been going on the last month


I literally just mentioned that I’m obsessed with social media and now I find myself vlogging! But ironically, doing this (filming myself) has helped me in so many ways by coming out of my shell and just being confident.

For the longest time, I’ve seriously doubted my place in the marketing/communications industry but vlogging has given me the courage to believe in myself rather than go into my dark corner when things aren’t looking up. I’m doing it for me. Not for views. Not for followers. Just me. And, I’m learning a new skill which is cool!


The word alone has such a horrible connotation attached to it. Every PR agency, brand, marketing manager, you name it is infatuated by the numbers game. I was too (still a bit am) cringing when people unfollow me because in the blogging field, followers is everything when it comes to brands wanting to work with you but it became exhausting really fast (you make yourself crazy) and it just took away the passion I have to showcase small towns, local restaurants or any cool activity I got up too.

So I’m trying, really trying to show the people who still follow me the exciting towns I discover and what all you can do there.


We’ve put lots of our travel plans on hold and many other things including attending events with the big day just around the corner but we have one travel excursion we doing over 4 days a week prior to the wedding so that’s going to be really fun. However, we have so many trips scheduled after we become official so stay tuned for that!

Life Update: What has been going on the last month


It’s been one thing after the other; whether it be a total disappointment or a new leaf but I’ve been juggling everything all at once. I often find myself going to bed much earlier; bing watching my latest series, The Good Place and munching on every unhealthy snack imaginable. Other than that, I’m tending more to myself than ever but also overworking and overthinking everything.

Until the next chat.

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