For the last two years, I believed that traveling will fulfill my life and provide me with a sense of happiness simply because of what travel bloggers and influencers portray to a wide audience but when I started traveling myself, it did not do any of the two things I mentioned. Here’s why:

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I was born and breed a Moravian since the day of my existence. I visited this tiny town back in 2010 during my confirmation camp; only this time I wanted to explore this quaint little historical village known as Genadendal which means Valley of Grace.

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This festive break, I spent most of my time lounging around on the beach, enjoying the sun baking on my back and basically eating sand seeing that Cape Town is a full blown sand machine. Continue reading

There are so many things to do when you’re visiting Durban that you certainly cannot do them all in the 5 days we spent there. Continue reading

KwaZulu-Natal is one of the provinces I dreamed of exploring and, what better excuse to go when your partner has never been on an aircraft. Continue reading

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