New Travel Additions

I consider travel as part of my daily life; whether it be visiting a particular place or going on holiday. Over the last few months, many of Courtney and my friends, colleagues and family members began contacting me about places they should go too and essentially help them. So because of all these requests, I’ve added two new sub-sections under the Travel section on my blog to make your travel plans a bit more smoother. 

You might’ve noticed that I’ve divided my Travel posts based on what you might look for in the shortest amount of time. They are now Activities, Local Travels, National Travels and these two new sub-sections: Plan your Trip and Wanderlust Travelers Interviews. 

Plan you Trip is where I’ll be putting a series of posts focused on sharing things I’ve learnt about my travels. Posts from the beginning to the end of planning a trip. I will discuss everything from Planning, Types of Activities, Budget, Accommodation, websites to check, Packing, Inspiration, and everything in-between. These posts will be designed to help you simplify your plan of action and hopefully help you not burst out in tears.

Many really feel overwhelmed and stressed. Especially if you’re booking accommodation for the first time. I clearly remember feeling lost and helpless when I started planning my first holiday and no one could really help me understand the admin that goes behind it. I want to eliminate all the unnecessary stress for you and guide you through the entire process.

Wanderlust Travelers Interviews is what I’m probably most excited about. These posts is where I’ll be interviewing a few of my favourite travel bloggers and enthusiasts I’ve followed and probably stalked for as long as I can remember and, feel inspired everyday by their travels around South Africa, even around the world.

I’ll be asking them questions about who they are and, what makes them love travel along with many insightful questions where they’ll share their experience, photo essays and tips on local travel and, get people excited to travel more.

I’m quite thrilled about these new additions and have another few up my sleeve but, I’ll bring them out in the next month or so. For now, I hope you will be on this journey with me and hopefully, I can help you through planning an amazing and adventurous holiday.

Until the next adventure.