The Perfect Stable, Porterville

Not even the description on their website prepares you for the mental repose that came with staying at The Stable; situated in a town unknown to many at the base of the Olifants River Mountains, also known as Porterville.

It’s hard to assume that a town with such beauty; welcoming you with fields of sulphur yellow Disas is an hour and a half away from the busy-city life I’m known too. Being an unspoiled town with less than 10 000 residents all known as a family to one another, staying in this beautiful cottage made total sense as to why you would never leave.

The town seems untouched.

Our First Hello

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that we encountered an issue with our accommodation we booked a month prior to our visit. Panicked, tired and otherwise stranded in a town we barely knew, I remembered The Stable on our recent Twitter engagement and immediately made contact before night fell. With the phone just ringing, the next best thing was to drive to their accommodation and beg.

With tears about to fall, we pulled up to the driveway while Philip, one of the owners happened to be outside with one of his Dachshunds tucked under his arm. I got out as he approached the gate and I explained in an emotional voice that we were in urgent need of a place to stay. He walked inside as Dean, his partner came out as the tears began to stream down my face. I repeated our situation when Philip approached and said, “I know who you are! You’re Stephanie!”

100-year-old Stable

Philip and Dean, the proud owners of this bespoke establishment found this piece of property while hiking through Beaverlac; a camping and popular hiking facility. They would come from their hike and drive into Porterville for some much-needed drinks and a bite to eat yet instantly falling in love with the small town and decided to buy property here which happened to be used as stables during the 1900s.

The building was occupied by oxen and horses and therefore, the owners kept with calling it The Stable seeing that 70% of the building is still from its original form while the rest has been beautifully renovated into a stylish yet chic modernized accommodation.

A home away from home

It felt like I was home even if we were in the countryside.

One would never picture that this beautiful cottage was once housed by animals with its open plan kitchen that catered our every need and wants so perfectly.

The spacious lounge area that Courtney and I spent all our free time lounging in starred out into their beautiful patio that overlooked the Olifants River Mountain peaks. Their garden is a place I would spend having tea parties during the summer time and even through winter because it’s quite hot during the cold season – I mean, I wore a dress in the midst of winter.

With two bedrooms, you can easily make your stay enjoyable by inviting friends to tag along. The bedrooms and throughout the cottage carried a theme of luxury rustic style; making it for a very cozy resting place. I loved the colour palettes that were used because it wasn’t too eccentric that will make you cringe. Everything from accessories to decor tide so well together, making the cottage feel warm and inviting.

The spacious bathroom facilitates a shower and toilet while the outdoor area is surrounded by thick, lushes greenery with a BBQ grill where you can have a typical South African braai. On all our travels, Courtney and I always go this route when cooking dinner because it’s quick, easy and ‘lekker’.

Pure Relaxation

Nothing but the truth.

The town of Porterville is serenely personified. Everywhere you go, you surrounded by lushes green fields and blue skies yet the hustle and bustle come in small doses when you in the hub of the town. The quietness is surreal which drove me a bit insane but if you take a walk down the road that leads you to the foot of the mountain, you will be amazed by how charming and blissful the town really is.

Porterville is a special town! If you really get to uncover the combination of people and things to do, I promise it would difficult to depart from this tranquility.

Both Philip and Dean’s hospitality cannot be matched in any form or shape. Having unexpected guests just pitch up on your doorway meant for speedy results to accommodate us. They were our tour guides to a town many never even known existed and taught us a thing or two about gardening seeing that Philip has such green fingers.

Planning a trip soon? Visit The Stable website for rates and what you will be offered. Philip and Dean will welcome you with open arms.

Until the next adventure.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog