Old World Charm with Tsitsikamma Village Inn

A little village set in the heart of the forests and in the foothills of the majestic Tsitsikamma mountain was the prospect of staying at Tsitsikamma Village Inn. 

B what makes this accommodation so special? For me, its the colonial houses all painted in beautiful, bright colours and situated not too far from where our adventures took place; making it convenient.

Storms River has a long and interesting history to its existence; dating back to 1879 when the now famous pass builder Thomas Bain first surveyed the area.

As years went by, and the tranquillity of the coastal forests began taking a heavy toll due to woodcutters, the state decided that the time had come to step in and begin the preservation of these beautiful trees; proclaiming it a National Park as we know it today.

And how delighted I am about that!

Our legs were sore from all the exercise we endured at the National Park so having to know that Tsitsikamma Village Inn is merely a 20-minute drive away excited us.

Since Tsitsikamma Village Inn was originally registered as a Hotel back in 1943 for many travelers passing by, the buildings expertly blend the heritage of this unique region with the simple yet luxurious style that makes you feel right at home. Can we talk about how gorgeous our suite was?

Take me back, please!

We stayed at The Barn situated just off the Village square yet perfectly located where you could still see many of the houses. We firstly went to check in, signed a form and were handy our keys. Walking to our night’s stay, I was memorized by the old world charm the accommodation had.

Opening the door to our tucked away room, my immediate thought was to get an afternoon nap in before heading out to dinner.

With a beautiful open plan area occupying a double bed, air conditioner, television, a sitting area as well as a charming dressing table that I wanted to take home with me, it’s hard to believe that this was once used as stables for travelers horses. Don’t worry. There is no horse smell.

Let’s not forget the bathroom designed with cobblestones housing a shower with no door! Talk about having no privacy. Wink, wink. Unfortunately, my battery died so I was unable to take an image of it. I could slap myself over the head for that mistake.

With two flat cameras and wifi that was so slow that frustrated me even further, we decided we needed to head out for dinner but where? So we walked out clinging to our jerseys in the cold and headed to where we saw lights. Hunter’s Pub seemed lively but upon approaching the door, a sign drilled on the outside said, “Dress smartly”. Dress smartly? There was no way they letting us in while I had leggings on, sandals and a buggy jersey but the hostess told us not to worry and seated us.

Very romantic setting with candle lights and dimmed lighting.

Both ordering a cold one, we browsed through the menu; eagerly craving a well-cooked meal. I choose marinated chicken breasts with potatoes wedges and vegetables while Courtney went for ribs. Sorry that I didn’t document it. The battery life killed me.

The next morning arrived and the weather seemed gloomy but we got up and headed to breakfast at Oude Martha in the village square. The array of breakfast options will make any foodie stack their plates with everything on the table; wanting to try out every taste. Every ingredient.

After our heart filled morning eatery, we walked around the grounds before drops of rain came falling down so we marched right back to our room to pack and leave before 10 am. But giving us just enough time to explore the little village further.

Down the road is Marilyn’s 60s Diner. The diner everyone talks about with the best milkshakes in town. It was way too early to indulge in that drink. Instead, we had coffee. Sat down and rocked to 60s and 70s music hits while staring and cutouts of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley before hitting the road once more; realizing that I wished I lived in this era because this Inn was spectacular.

Travel Tips

When to go: any time of the year is suitable but since it’s quite a popular lodging, its advisable to book months in advance.

Getting there: Again. The convenient way to get here is to self-drive. It’s important to note that the nearest airport is Port Elizabeth International so hiring a car is essential.

Value for money: There are about 22 houses in total; all varying in the price range. Check their different rates out here.

Must-see sight: I can’t even count how many activities there are in this area. I would recommend you do the Canopy Segway to tour the town or visit the Big Tree.

Where to eat: A number of eateries are in this vicinity like Hunters Pub, Marilyn’s Diner and the Bistro.

Find out more: Visit Tsitsikamma Village Inn for more information.

Until the next adventure.

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