Booking for any trip can be daunting especially searching endlessly for affordable accommodation that suits your pocket. Today I’m sharing how I do my booking process.  Continue reading

It’s back to the Travel Series and this time, it’s all about the Planning Process which will look into the best ways to plan your trip. Continue reading

We made traveling part of our daily lives so finding inspiration on where to stay and, what to do is not so easy as many might think. Continue reading

I read many awe-inspiring travel stories and picture me being a travel pioneer; seeing the world one place at the time. Many reckon that travel fees and admin hacks shouldn’t damper ones desire to experience the world. Easier said than done, right? Leave your job! Save as much as you can! I heard these sayings all before and for me, it ain’t happening anytime soon but, we should have a love affair for travel. Continue reading

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