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Many of us deal with family affairs whether it affects us directly or not. In my case, I’m smack bam in the middle of it all. It’s stressful and can really take a toll on one’s body. You have negative thoughts on how you want to punish that person for causing so much pain and suffering to you and your family.  I’m actually considering of either writing a novel or a blog about what not to do with your Will. As someone having first hand experience of how a Will can turn into a tag of war and blame game situation, spreading awareness is the only way to help avoid the stress it causes to someone else. What do you guys think?

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Last week Monday, I woke up with a terrible toothache which resulted in a blown up face on my left side. I’m so burnt out from not only getting my varsity assignments done but just trying to manage my time correctly that I still have to get to the dentist.

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Out of Africa

Happy Friday! Who doesn’t love a striking bold item like this skirt? It’s vibrant, light and breezy and required much thought when it came to styling it. My first instinct was like, “uhm … with what will I be pairing this item with?” 

However, with this loud Out of Africa print, it was best that I wear something more simple like a plain tank top. My sister and I went back and forth as to what shoes matches best with this attire. She thought a black, block heel will go best but I wanted to wear my cream pointy heels. And from the images, you can see which one won hands down!

Out of AfricaOut of AfricaOut of AfricaOut of Africa

Photo Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Skirt: Edgars / Tank Top: Cotton On / Heels: Mr Price / Bangles: Fashion Express

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A bunch of nuts fell out

TouristThe last time I was at Hout Bay Harbour, I was about 16. Fast forward seven years and, it looks like a completely different place but with the same name. I felt like a tourist in my own city, exploring a new place.

I always dreamt of travelling abroad and I’m sure most of us have our wish list of which places to visit. But, I realized while driving to Hout Bay that I haven’t even explored most of Cape Town let alone South Africa. So, before I make any plans to visit Copenhagen or Prague, I need to explore South Africa first.


Spring doesn’t really make its appearance on the first but generally only after the 21st of the month or even later like it did last year. But in the meantime, because I’m so excited to get out of this cold winter weather we experienced over the last few months, I started stocking up on pretty sandals and dresses. I found this black and white pattern dress at Edgars.

Now due to this bulge I have by my stomach and my thick thighs, I can’t wear mini or tight skirts or dresses. I have to wear what makes my body comfortable like opting for elastic dresses worn above the stomach to create a flow over it which makes your waist look smaller. I will also be starting to wear dresses above the knee or over it during the summery season because nobody likes to see my cellulite, right?


With this attire, I wore my beige and black sandals from two years back paired with my white handbag and of course, a pair of sunglasses. I loved this location which created a sense of culture, a culture I belong too. Did you know that Hout Bay Harbour is often called the Heart of the Cape? According to the Hout Bay Organised page, it is the 9th most visited tourist attraction which includes a yacht and boat marina, a working fishing fleet, a craft market and, has a couple of fish and chips outlets such as the infamous Mariners Whalf.

TouristTouristTouristPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Dress: Edgars / Jersey: China Town / Sandals: Mr Price / Handbag: Forever New

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out

Sneak It


I’m not a trend follower at all. Not because I don’t want too but, because not all trends that come out is meant for your body type and let me tell you, I learnt this the hard way (haha). Over the last few days, I noticed how many influencers in the fashion industry have now mixed work and sport wear and I thought, let me jump on this bandwagon and try it out.

My partner bought me this black body warmer with flux fur on the inside at Pick n Pay Clothing and, I just can’t seem to part from it, literally! To break from the all black attire yet again, I wore a dark pink sweater and a front zipped up skirt.

Sneak ItSneak ItSneak It

I paired it with stockings as we in the mid of winter and it’s still relatively cold outside even with the sun out, my Roshe Run sneakers and with this fringe handbag from Zoom.

Body warmer: Pick n Pay Clothing Sweater: Mr Price (old) Skirt: Edgars Sneakers: Nike Handbag: Zoom

Sneak ItSneak ItSneak ItPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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