Smack in the middle of South Africa is a town that may appear run-down to some, but to others is a place where relaxation and tranquillity are essential for a weekend away.

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10 small town mistakes

Traveling is one big adventure, they say. And honestly, it is because what’s an adventure without things going wrong, right?

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Small Towns and their Churches

In every small town is a ton of history dating back hundreds of years. But one building that’s undeniably evident is the unique architecture of churches.
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“We’re off to Porterville for my birthday”, I said to many who had asked what I’ll be doing to celebrate. “But there’s nothing to do there”, said a few more. Boy, did we all underestimate this town dearly? Continue reading

Nestled firmly between the ‘castle mountain’ of Kasteelberg Nature Reserve lies one of the oldest towns in South Africa; Riebeek Kasteel and it’s sister town Riebeek West, known as the perfect retreat for any city dweller. Continue reading