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Hello to you all! The thing about stripes is that it’s clean, trendy yet effortlessly chic and luxurious if you add it up with tons of accessories but, this time I decided to leave the accessories behind and focus on the outfit at hand.

When I laid my eyes on this horizontal pleated black and white skirt, I realized that it is the most versatile type of style around. If you look at the ’90s fashion trends, you’ll find stripes everywhere. So I thought, “Hey, Let’s bring it back”. Haha!

So, think of your own style. What colour would you pair it with? I opted for red. It’s a bright colour and it stands out but, you can add any colour really from Navy to Green even yellow has become the in colour to pair with stripes.


I wore a polo neck with stockings and a cute crossed boot heel because even though the sun is out, it’s still relatively chilly outside.


Skirt: Legit Polo Neck: Fashion World Stockings: Pick n Pay Clothing Heel Boots: Edgars Nails: Essence


Until next time.

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