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I’m not a trend follower at all. Not because I don’t want too but, because not all trends that come out is meant for your body type and let me tell you, I learnt this the hard way (haha). Over the last few days, I noticed how many influencers in the fashion industry have now mixed work and sport wear and I thought, let me jump on this bandwagon and try it out.

My partner bought me this black body warmer with flux fur on the inside at Pick n Pay Clothing and, I just can’t seem to part from it, literally! To break from the all black attire yet again, I wore a dark pink sweater and a front zipped up skirt.

Sneak ItSneak ItSneak It

I paired it with stockings as we in the mid of winter and it’s still relatively cold outside even with the sun out, my Roshe Run sneakers and with this fringe handbag from Zoom.

Body warmer: Pick n Pay Clothing Sweater: Mr Price (old) Skirt: Edgars Sneakers: Nike Handbag: Zoom

Sneak ItSneak ItSneak ItPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

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