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I read many blog posts throughout the week especially international ones’ and, I found this assertion being said all the time; “It’s an investment piece” or the word “statement”. Those words have generally been overused in the fashion industry and when did this “statement” become a thing?

The word is generally used amongst street style bloggers who attribute to seeking inspiration from the street and not fresh off the runway. So if a photographer captures you wearing an item that’s unique and bold and it lands onto the Internet, it starts becoming a trend which everybody wants to grab a pie of.

I came across this comment the other day which made me think of writing this post and it’s like she took the words straight from my mouth:

Statement piece….? What is the statement? Is it something like a secret that only the wearer knows? But then you’d be making a statement to yourself. That word is used so much in fashion and I really want to understand. Like the necklaces above…is the statement something like “Oh, hey I AM BIG!” or “Look here!” Or is it more like “I am a deep person with a unique interest in complex/simple design… a reflection of my inner self…? Or is it like, “I am the bomb! “Maybe I am thinking too much…. impossible…aaaargh…. I do get the “Key” pieces in the wardrobe thing…. but again, what is the statement that the wearer is trying to make…?

Statement pieces are considered to define your personal style which helps build your personal brand. They that piece of item that is interesting, attractive and eye-catching. It’s usually items that are bold and bright that will catch your eye immediately.

Are statement pieces a personal inner thought, or an overt statement to the rest of the world? In a way, it combines both elements but it’s becoming an overt statement that makes you believe you should go out and purchase those Chloe sunglasses or Chanel handbag because your favourite fashionista emphasised on the word ‘statement’.

My ‘statement’ piece is actually my grandmothers clutch. It doesn’t stand out but it’s so versatile, I can pair it with anything. I suppose we all have our ‘statement’ or ‘investment’ item of clothing or accessory. But like my father always tell me when I purchase something, “You can’t take it with to your grave. It’s just material things”.

Until next time.

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