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Glam it up

With only a week left before my breaking up, some of the staff including myself  have become sick. I think it’s pure exhaustion of 2015. I’m honestly so excited about this holiday compared to all the other years of working. I really worked my fingers to the bone this year and so have many of you guys. We simply just need a damn break to relax, put up our tired feet and have fun.

The festive season has arrived and with that comes a lot of occasions like beach parties, braai days, social gatherings and just a full on dressing up party. And with this summer heat out in cape Town, who would want to layer so many clothing. That is why it’s best to get yourself a throw on dress that can be worn to any event. I’m not fond of the colour pink but I opted to try out the palette on my skin and fell in love with the vibrant colour.

You can wear it down with embellished sandals, a pair of pumps or wear it with heels like I did. Anything that makes you comfortable and suits the occasion is key to tying the outfit together.

Glam it upGlam it upGlam it upGlam it upPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Dress and heels: Fashion Express / Watch: Klines Accessories

Until next time.

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