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Button Down

People with a fuller body figure like myself tend to be self conscious about what they wear. I’ve gained weight over the last two years and many people who do, make sure to lose the weight fast. I decided to embrace it instead but it came with challenges and, still does. I mean, I have thick thighs, saggy arms and a huge ass and many would feel uneasy with wearing chic clothing.

It took me a long time to accept that this is my body and to actually love it. I still get the crude comments of “I’m fat” and “when do I plan on losing the excess fat” jiggling in various places but it really doesn’t faze me. Yet for a lot of others, they begin to hate fashion and the trends that come with it like this button down skirt. I’ve seen this skirt everywhere and was so scared to even try one on with my wide hips to avoid the disappointment of it not looking great on me. Then I saw this denim one and took it home with me.

I told myself that maybe it won’t look sexy on me but what the hell! I’m going to make it work and, I think I’ll be wearing it all through summer. Suck that, haters lol! I paired it with a gorgeous summery print woven strappy top, my hat and these brown lace-up heels to give my look a bit of a sassy feel.

IMG_0702Button downButton downButton downPhoto credit: Arlene Marthinus

Skirt and woven top: Fashion Express / Hat: Cotton On / Lace-up heels: Legit / Bangles: Edgars

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