Moreson River Camping in Slanghoek

There are so many glorious campsites in and around the Western Cape and, I think I just found the best campsite in Slanghoek.

Slanghoek is a mere hour’s drive away from Cape Town and a magnificent valley in South Africa.  Surrounded by lush vineyards and spectacular mountain peaks, you can’t go wrong with spending more than just a weekend there.

Camping is fast becoming one of our favourite activities to do and finding great spots with exceptional facilities is hard to find. In comes Moreson River Campsite. Since I booked a last-minute stay, reviews are crucial. Thank you to those who always leave reviews since it helps one make money decisions.

They have around 15 camping spots at *R350 per night; overlooking the Breede River with an abundance of space for whatever size your tent is along with your own ablution facility so no sharing. You also have your own braai facility.

Because there is a standard power outlet, bring a long extension cord. Not to mention a sink to wash your dishes after you’ve finished eating. They also have you covered if you forget to bring wood.

We walked down the river bank after setting up our tent to admire the beautiful Slanghoek and Witzenberg Mountains. Since we went in May, the temperatures have dropped dramatically, so bring as much warm clothing as possible.

The following morning as I waited for the burner to boil the water for that early caffeine kick, I dragged my camping chair to the river along with my book and watched how the fog evaporated on the river. It’s a delightful sight to behold.

For most of the day, we sat outside; greeting our fellow campers, watching dogs run in circles, and sitting in the sun to find some warmth in the cold season of winter. By lunchtime, we opted to venture out of the campsite and went to a farmstall called Rietdakkie Padstal & Plaaskombuis in Ceres.

It’s about a 5-minute drive from our stay with an array of homemade goods in and around the area, fresh produce, and gifts to bring home. They have breakfast and lunch options that you can enjoy in the outside or upstairs sitting areas. There’s also a playground the kids can relish at.

Once we got back to our spot, we pulled out the UNO cards along with our snacks and, played cards all afternoon until the sun began to set. For supper, we obviously braaied; a truly South African feast before heading to bed.

Slanghoek is not usually a place I frequently go so now that I found this immaculate campsite, I guess it will see more of me.

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Till the next small town.

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