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From the subject line, you can gather that the word coffee has now been replaced to juice seeing that we’ve entered the warmth of spring in South Africa. I’m super stoked that seasons have changed because there’s nothing more boring than layering up with dull colours and only doing minimal activities in winter.

I might seem all enthusiastic and quite avid in my images but last week, something I would never wish anyone to go through has happened to us for the second time in the space of two years.  It’s something most South Africans’ but even more so,  internationally, experience probably on a daily basis. You can’t avoid it; no matter how many barriers you put up. Someone violating your space in the most horrific way makes you so fearful of looking forward to a new day; someone breaking into your home and stealing your possessions.

In April 2014, I was freelancing twice a week while trying to find work and on one of those days I needed to go in and still had to attend class that evening, my father fetched me at varsity. He turned towards me and asked the weirdest question, “Do you have your memory stick?” While trying to wrap my mind around why my father would ask me that, he said that they broke into our house for the first time in the 21 years of residing in that area. They tried entering through my window but my burglar bar wouldn’t give in. So instead, they smashed in my parents burglar bars out the wall frame to merely take my laptop, a few broken cameras and money I had been saving to redo my license.

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We reinforced all our burglar bars, drilled spikes on top of our walls and even installed an alarm system with sensors in the rooms that were targeted. Two years went by of coming to terms with being comfortable again in our space and not having to look over our shoulders, they targeted our house again.

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My sister came home to find that my bedroom light was on. She thought she might have left it on because she chose to ‘borrow’ a pair of boots that morning so she simply just switched it off. Also, she wouldn’t have known anything was wrong because my laptop and my camera was still in the same positions it was left in. Then she walked into her room to make up her bed and when she turned around, she realized that her laptop and external was missing. When she went into the next room, she found that they neatly carved out our window panel and bashed in our burglar bar again.

We have an idea of who these thugs are and where they live but unfortunately, we have a police system that failed not only our previous break in that they so masterfully constructed but who disappointed us by still not pitching up after our initial, yet hysterical phone call. I know that they will probably never be charged or ever be prosecuted for their actions. To destructively intent to damage another persons property to take only a laptop, two externals, a pendant and a high-tech camera, is beyond mind-boggling. 

In the end, I’m nothing short of blessed that we were not at home during their criminal activity. I sincerely hope that after pocketing our material possessions we worked so tirelessly to acquire, that they able to live with themselves; that they able to go to bed at night with the thought that they stole from people they don’t know and making them fearful of the world we live in.

I wish you all no ill because you really not worth it. I won’t allow that you take the little joy I have of society away.

Until next time.