Let’s chat with coffee

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and done a ‘Let’s chat with coffee’ post. My workload has seemingly increased now that we’ve entered the end of the seventh month and also because I suck at time management that I was forced to get a diary after all the years of reluctancy of being that person to always remember things without having to write things down.

I’ve learnt quite a lot the last nine months of having to juggle two jobs, a blog, a nagging boyfriend, a frustrating sister whose my photographer and my parents not to mention finding time to spend with friends and catch up on some travels in-between. For me, there is nothing worse than time pressure, especially in a job that is full of deadlines.

Let's chat with coffee

Here are some of my tips to better time manage your everyday life:

1. Plan your day: This is why I bought myself a diary because I wrote on pieces of paper I found laying around my desk to only throw it away, and couldn’t remember what I wrote down. I have sticky notes to help distinguish between what I need to do for both my jobs and what blog posts need to be scheduled. Every night I make a list of what needs to be prioritized and tick it off the list once it’s completed.

2. Don’t get distracted: I’m so guilty when it comes to this. I’m someone who gets easily bored of a task to find myself browsing on sites like Instagram and bloggers sites. Once I’m done ‘stalking’, I’m so lost that I have no energy left to complete what I was doing in the first place. Make sure to finish off your task before rooming around online sites or doing something other than the task on hand.

3. Start with the horrible tasks first : I always tend to do the fun things first and push back the horrible tasks. I’ve learnt to make sure the not so fun assignments are done first so that I can get it out the way and use all my time to enjoy the tasks I love doing.

4. Look after yourself: I can’t emphasis on this point enough! When you highly stressed and have a looming deadline ahead, we tend to forget to look after ourselves and start eating unhealthy foods. Have at least a glass of water or any fruits on your desk to keep your stress levels low.

5. Have task-blocks: Bundle your tasks into blocks. By this I mean, from 8:00 to 09:00 I check my inbox and respond to any queries. From 09:00 to 10:00, schedule social media posts, etc, etc. It’s much easier to work with this system since you don’t always have to refocus again.

6. Be productive: Time management and being productive goes hand in hand. You can’t start one without the other. If you not productive, you wasting valuable time that could’ve been focused on something more important.

Until our next talk.