Let’s chat with coffee

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination”

This quote is so true! One thing I’ve come across is that we love complaining about how crappy our lives are but if you don’t take control or have a fantasy as to where your life should be heading, then your life will pretty much suck. That’s probably why so many people can’t handle failure.  We envision we’ll get this job or that we’ll see the world for all it’s beauty yet it’s not that simple; either you make sacrifices or work damn hard to impress the interviewer.

Let's chat with coffee

I made the decision to sacrifice a portion of my income on traveling. For many, that’s not a possibility as the cost of living in South Africa is drastically increasing. Hence why I’m still living with my parents. I bought a 15-year guarantee paint and said that that’s how long I’m staying put in this tiny yet manageable living space known as my room.  My desire to see the world has increased by 200% and Instagram and various other social media channels haven’t made it any easier either. The amount of people traveling the world and experiencing out-of-this-world activities makes me wish to work even harder to acquire the taste of travel.

Let's chat with coffee

What makes it even tougher for people like myself is having to depend on earning a full-time income, making sure to pay bills and loans we needed to have along the way in life. It’s rough out there! But I’m not letting this little glitch like money stop me from dancing to my imagination. Let’s not also forget the part of asking for leave! I had to put mine in way in advance, particularly because our team has grown tremendously so I had to make sure no one else is taking off on the days I am.

With my 24th birthday fast approaching, I decided to go on holiday. The last time I went on vacation was when I was 14; just before the recession hit. It was just time I took my hard earned money and put it to good use rather than splurging it on another pair of shoes. It will be in the middle of nowhere; where there is virtually no reception and it’s nestled between nature and mountain scenery. We, and by we I mean my partner, will also be jetting off to Durban come November. It will be his first time on a plane and I can’t wait to see his expression once we aboard!

We also making huge plans come 2017 in May and November. We thinking of spending a few days in Sutherland and then making our way to Mpumalanga because I’ve heard nothing but great stories in that part of the region. Then in November 2017 (God willing), we making our way on our first overseas trip to Thailand! I know, nearly everyone goes there but what the heck, I should experience it for myself too instead of staring at dreamy images on my pc screen.

With all that said and please don’t interpret my excitement as being conceited or vain but I want people to start achieving more in life instead of having to work ones fingers to the bone and pay bills for the rest of your life without having to treat yourself. Rather save as much as you can, hop on a plane and see the other side of the world. Make things happen, feast on that wanderlust gene and make your life as beautiful as the one you dream of at night.

Until our next talk.