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Scrolling down her Instagram feed and sets her eyes on a beautiful flatlay image with shoes from Zara and a handbag from Charles and Keith. Browsing through the comment section and she finds someone saying, “Life goals” with a heart emoji. She continues to scroll down her feed and to find a blogger showing off her slender physique in a gym attire. As she’s about to comment on her thoughts about the image, she reads a comment saying again, “Life goals” hands clapping emoji.

Oh how societies priorities have changed! Every image I come across has a comment with those words which makes me wonder if I too fall into this materialism pit hole of this prevalent trend society.  My parents grew up poor which meant they worked extra hard to make life comfortable for my sister and I. We were never spoiled nor was anything given to us on a sliver platter. They taught us to dedicate our lives in ensuring we make it in the world but never did they raise us to be materialistic in the sense that luxury goods and material possessions will make us not succeed in the filed we choose to pursue.

Let's chat with coffee

It might be ironic coming from a blogger whose entire platform is made from strutting in new clothing and whose images are curated with material goods. But saying that these ‘things’ are life goals tells me that many of us are more concerned about sustaining happiness with a pair of shoes or having a kick ass body then educating that brilliant mind we have working in our skulls. Yes, we all have that sense of gratification when we are able to purchase an item that we had a desire for but rather invest your hard earned money to getting yourself a house, improving your knowledge with a course, a retirement fund, things that will improve your lifestyle in the long run. That should be your life goal!

Let's chat with coffee

I became consciously aware that I fell into this materialistic world when I painted my bedroom last year. After clearing out my closets, I found so many clothing items that had tags on or items of clothing I only wore once (probably just for this blog). I’m now recycling heels for fashion posts, purchasing at less expensive stores and decided to travel and explore the city more often. I remember my mother telling me that I splurge to much money on unnecessary possessions. My responses was, “It makes me happy”. It’s only recently that (now that I’m a tad bit older) do I realise that these material things actually made me more unhappy then it did a few months back.

It sounds absurd to think a new handbag or that high-end heels doesn’t put a smile on my face but that doesn’t mean I, as a person don’t enjoy going to a mall to purchase myself something. I’m simply saying that these ‘things’, ‘possession’ are temporary ornaments in your life. Don’t make it your life goal. Instead, work on achieving long-term goals that will fulfil you with unwavering happiness and actually see where your hard work has paid off.

Until next time.