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An open letter to the younger Stephanie

Dear younger Stephanie

I’m writing an open letter to tell you that you don’t know everything in life irrespective of what you might have thought all those years before. I’m so sorry that you were oblivious to know your own ambition in life and that your bad attitude brought you nowhere but misery.

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Jobs will come and go, and your career is going to be a somewhat disastrous uphill battle.  But in all this misfortune you’ll find some great fortune when you finally start to realize it all happens the way it was supposed to. In many ways, your life will be like the second wave in a set (you’ll only understand when you get there). Second waves in a set somehow are always a bigger more adventurous ride.

There was really no pint in spending every second of your day, sitting on social media platforms to help fill in the gaps of your day so that the time could pass by without even doing anything productive or enhancing your skills for the near future because now you forced to take on extra courses to help land that job.

Let's chat with coffee

You really made a big deal out of small things and in someways, still do. Now you sitting with bills like a phone contract, petrol and paying rent. You will for the next few decades not be able to run from these responsibilities. It will only go downhill from here because the more you earn, the more expenses comes along.

You really should have listened to your mother when she said to save your money instead of blowing it on alcohol, food and shoes? You would’ve had just enough for a down deposit on a car but here you are, 23 years later and still relying on public transport.

So what you not part of the cool kids group – Spending time and effort in ‘perfecting’ yourself to fit in wasn’t worth your time. Where are those kids now? Oh yes, drowning their sorrows and writing on Facebook how their life sucks.

You need to start listening and not always thinking that your way is the right way. Today, you still not able to do that and it will land you into serious trouble, missy.

And those pointless fights you had with your parents over not allowing you to date before the age of 18. A boy doesn’t give you any identity to who you truly are. Now you found someone whose company you enjoy and it’s not as all as you pictured in those romantic movies. It’s hard work to maintain that relationship.

Life will continue to throw curve balls at you, Stephanie and to this day it still does. If I could tell you one thing it would be that life isn’t about what happens to you, but how you react to it all. I’d like to say “If I knew what I know now” when I was your age, but I wouldn’t know any of what I know now without having gone through everything above.  So accept the journey as is and let it take its course.

Until next time.