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“Stop buying shoes! When last have you bought yourself pants?”  That was the exact words my boyfriend said to me on last week Wednesday when I arrived at his workplace with yet another carrier bag filled with a beautiful pair of heels.

For the last two/three years since I’ve entered the job market and started earning an income, I adopted this insane obsession with shoes. Whether they were simple flats and sandals to high heels and boots, I would find a way to purchase them. To date, I have just over a 100 pairs with absolutely no place for yet another pair to fit into my closet. Unfortunately, they now have to be placed under my bed – I’m sorry shoes!

Lets chat with coffee

In previous centuries, only the wealthy wore heels because shoes were measured by class. According to research, high heels can literally raise your status because you’re taller when you wear them.

The thing about shoes is that they won’t tell me that I’m fat when my favourite top no longer fits me. My shoes have been forgiving and loyal. My shoes will still fit me long after I’ve added on some weight, unlike that ruthless pair of skinny jeans that mocks me in the mirror showing exactly where the junk is.

Let's chat with coffee

My boyfriend just can’t understand my fascination with always finding the need to spend my last on a pair of shoes I’ll probably only wear once or twice only for it to be stuffed at the back to make space for a new pattern or colour.

Shoes bring on a kind of exaltation. Unlike clothes, shoes are capable of making you feel sexy, elegant or sporty at a single stroke.We wear them, despite the pain from those high stilettos. We even suffer through the bunions and back aches for that right shoe. I can’t wear mine for too long either. They do tend to hurt my feet after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes but I’m not someone who buys ridiculously expensive ones and that is probably why I have so many. The most I spend on a shoe is R500.00 and that is seldom. I know that purchasing it won’t transform me into someone else but it’s a sense of desire for me.

My name is Stephanie and, I’m a full blown passionate shoe shopper. I’m a shoe addict. And I love shoes.

“To me, shoes are like pizza: There is no bad shoe.” – Kelly Ripa

Until next time.