Strut Your Stuff in Shoes From Superbalist

The shoes you wear says a lot about who you are, what you’re like, and what you do in life. So you can’t blame us women for having to buy so many footwear.

Superbalist asked me to share my pick of 5 shoes and style them accordingly. As a full-time working woman and travel blogger, shoes play a key part of my daily life. Besides the obvious fact that I’m a shoe hoarder, good shoes are often hard to find in terms of affordability, style, colour or comfort.

And with winter on our doorstep, finding the perfect shoe that won’t cost you a fortune is often a struggle. This is why Superbalist has such a great shoe selection because they offer you a wide range and prices that suit anyones pocket.

Here are five shoes that I would style for years to come:

1. Keeler Boot

Boots is an essential part of a wardrobe during the cold months. These boots are for the outdoors which as an explorer is an ideal fit. Pair it with jeans of your choice, a long sleeve top and a chunky cardigan. Or, you can definitely wear them with a dress and cover up with a cosy parker jacket.

2. San Sebastian heel

There are so many special occasions that come up so it’s good to have at least one pair of heels that make your whole outfit pop. Simply pair these with a long sleeve dress; preferably a plain colour to allow the shoes to be the statement piece or, wear an accent to compliment the outfit overall. If you’re not a dress kind of woman, try a black formal pants, a shirt and a biker jacket for an edgy look.

3. Zoom Strike Running

Trainers is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll find and they make for a great casual and chic attire. Pair it with culottes and a fun jersey or simply dress up and wear it with a tailored suit. It’s such a trend these days.

4. Abert – Black Nubuck

Long, black boots is one item every woman should have in her closet. It can be worn with virtually anything. You can go casual and pair it with jeans and a simple tee, go formal and throw on a body fitted dress and add a pop of colour trench coat or if you looking to go semi-casual, wear it with leggings and a oversized jersey or cardigan.

5. Lana laser cut oxford lace up

These are my favourite type of shoes to wear during any season. It can be worn for social events, to work and even when  you’re on holiday. Style it with a boyfriend jeans, a slouchy tee and a cardigan. You can also wear them with a funky dress and add a cool jacket; either denim one or a biker jacket. There’s so many ways to style this shoe.

These are my favourite picks from Superbalist. Did I mention that if you download the Superbalist app, as a first timer you get R250 off if you spend R600 or more? Simply download the app here (Android here and iOS here), and start picking your favourite shoes.

Which ones are your ultimate must-have?

Until next time.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog