Still Standing

I’ve been having more procrastinating moments in the last 14 days then I had in the last five years of varsity. “CAN THIS MONTH BE OVER?” Says the little voice in my head while I try and understand the words on one of my assignment notes after a year long academic break.

In all honesty, I’m having a staring competition with myself and the four pages full of text and words that have no direct meaning to my brain. The letters are bouncing around while I make pretty notes with cool highlighters, pretending that I have this first assignment under control but with merely two weeks left before it’s current due date, I only have two, half drafted pages.

Yip. That’s been my life the last few days and let’s not forget the two other jobs that have required my undying attention. It’s a real roll-a-coaster that one woman actually said I have no life and all I did was laugh in her face. Nicely, of course. But I’m still standing particularly for this post, in this polka dot dress and shiny gold shoes that my mother can’t stand.

Sometimes we just want to dress up and feel gorgeous and, thats what this multi-coloured fit and flare dress made me feel. Pretty. What I love about this dress is that it covers all my unflattering flaws such as my stomach, chicken arms and thighs with it’s appropriate length and size. They’re incredibly flattering and versatile. Particularly for a curvy silhouette like myself. Fit and flare clothing helps to accentuate a woman’s small natural waist or even create the appearance of a tiny waist for women with less definition.

Images by: Courtney Hans

Polka Dot Dress: Mr Price | Block Heels: The Fix

Until next time.