Go Casual

Many of us deal with family affairs whether it affects us directly or not. In my case, I’m smack bam in the middle of it all. It’s stressful and can really take a toll on one’s body. You have negative thoughts on how you want to punish that person for causing so much pain and suffering to you and your family.  I’m actually considering of either writing a novel or a blog about what not to do with your Will. As someone having first hand experience of how a Will can turn into a tag of war and blame game situation, spreading awareness is the only way to help avoid the stress it causes to someone else. What do you guys think?

Let's go casual

Recently, I’ve been strolling the malls and, I can’t seem to find anything I like anymore. It seems as though there is no originality in the clothing hence why I’m keeping this look oh-so casual. The heat out in Cape Town makes it unbearable to even think of dressing up so I’m keeping it laid-back with a plain black jeans which is a staple item to have in ones closet, a linen short, v-neck top with crochet details in the centre and hem, paired with the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever come across. I’m definitely wearing these this summer with every outfit. For the first time ever, I’ve let my natural curly hair get some summer action. I haven’t had my hair like this in a long time because it takes a lot out of one person to maintain and, it’s much neater to have your hair blown out for work. Hope you guys like the natural hair style though.


let's go casuallet's go casualLet's go casualLet's go casualPhoto Credit: My Father

Jeans: H&M / Top: Jet / Sandals: Edgars / Bag: My Grandmother’s / Bangles: Fashion Express

Until next time.