I am a total wanderer. I’m constantly searching for new things to do and try out. I think I have a problem of making sure I’m not entirely bored with myself and optimistically trying to past the day and hours with fun filled travels and adventure activities. I’ve even gone as far as planning our entire 2017 vacations which consist of three to possible four weekend aways and one or two major trips which Courtney and I have yet to agree with one another on.About this look: Lightweight clothing is the way to go this summer because it can get extremely warm this time of year. Also, I stuck to the coastal theme because I’m such a sucker when it comes to the beach. One mention of it and I’m packed and ready to roll with my bathing suit and towel.

Culottes were a major trend last year but has snuck it’s way back with a wider bootleg and cleverly colour palettes. However, I happened to find this typical striped one which is suitable for the beach and can be transformed into an evening attire. I opted to wear an off-the-shoulder baby blue top which wasn’t an off-the-shoulder look at all because it gave my outfit more depth and character. I then styled it with this gorgeous white loafers with tassels on the top to seal the deal.


Images by Arlene Marthinus

Culottes: The Fix | Off-the-shoulder Top: Mango | Loafers: Legit

Until next time.