No Rules

Goodbye January and hello new month. The first week of work was nothing but catching up and slow progress. Then the second week I got hit with diarrhea, fatigue and then a horrible throat infection. I’ve never been this sick since I was admitted to hospital in 2012. I recovered by tons of antibiotics, water and my bed but had to squeeze in some exploring even though I was half dying.


I rarely speak about politics but this week has honestly hit home in a number of ways. For the first time, I got really emotional watching how still in the 21st Century, many religious groups and races are still fighting the battle to be respected, acknowledged and most importantly, feel welcomed and loved by many who are forced to flee their war zone countries. We’re all humans regardless of our skin colour, income bracket and what religion we practice. It’s inhuman to ban a certain group merely on a 1% of terrorist attacks. I stand in solidarity with my Muslim counterparts around the world during this difficult time we’re facing as a whole.

About this look: I’m no longer following the rules and doing fashion my way. By that I mean not always following trends that don’t look great on a plus-size body structure like mine. Many times I back away from too revealing and tight fitted items that make me uncomfortable. With that said, I’m also a woman who enjoys pairing different colour accents with each other.

These navy, white and mustard geometric pants is unconventional and represents my love for colour. This pants is not only comfortable but has a great stretch just in case I add on more weight. I found this cotton lace-up top which happened to be on sale to tie in nicely with the accents of the pants. I wasn’t too sure on about the shoes but I went for my crossover blocked heels for that on the go, professional look.


Images by: Courtney Hans

Lace-up Top: Refinery | Pants: The Fix | Crossover block heels: Woolworths

Until next time.