Love Letter

Dear Courtney

Society said that we should only express our love for one another when it’s Valentine’s Day but I would like to think that I show you how I feel every single day in various ways and actions. Today, I would like to dedicate this post to you and remind you how much I appreciate you being in my life.

Our story on how we met will always be a hilarious one to tell and till this day we still laugh and joke about how clumsy and shy you were at the beach.

Our relationship wasn’t at all smooth sailing in the beginning like you read in books or watch in movies. We fought hard to show people why we’re meant to be each other’s lives regardless of our different childhoods and educational backgrounds.

For the last 1634 days and the nine months prior to us being official, you teach me every day to be patient. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult skill set to master because I’m always the first one to point out the flaws of others and within myself. You show me the positive in things I always tend to overlook. You teach me to be myself despite what others think. You teach me to resilient, to be hopeful, to show kindness and open my heart to emotions but most importantly, you teach me to love.Valentinesvalentines

I see the sacrifices you go through to keep me happy whether it’s working long shifts, taking days off to drive me where I need to be or making a plan when things don’t always go my way. I see the way you look at me when I’m upset or laughing or, simple just unloading my burdens I’m keeping inside. I see the little things you do like unbuckling my heels, carrying my bag or buying womanly items without a fuss. It’s a quality many women never get to experience like I do.

I admire the person you’ve grown to be despite the hardships you endured. I know your heartache, your pain and your wishes.

Thank you for accepting me as I am. When I tell you I’m thinking of studying again, taking on another job or deciding to start a blog, you always the first person to cheer me on; constantly reminding me that I can do it, that I’m capable of succeeding.


Yes, you took on the role to be my boyfriend but the role started expanding at an alarming rate. You quickly became the provider, the protector and the listener. You took on this role that made you uncomfortable like being my photographer for this platform. You heard my disappointment, my angry, my disapproval and yet not once did you tell me you give up. Instead, you walked with me in sand knowing well your athletics feet will flare up. You laid in grass knowing full well you have a sinus problem. You drive me across country even after you tell me no but feel guilty for not showing me the world.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate you when I’m yelling for something you did or dancing with you in the car while the music is pumping. I forget that you put many of your plans on hold so that I could live out my dreams and desires. I forget that you once had a father who would be so proud of the man you’ve become. I forget that you’re human too and not everything is perfect but that you go out of your way to show me that it can be. I forget that I’m blessed to have such supportive role models.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope to show my appreciation every minute of the day by never giving up.


Images: Courtney Hans

Top: Refinery | Skirt: Pick n Pay Clothing

Until next time.