When people ask me what is my favourite animal, my response is always, “It would have to be a duck. Because ducks are calm on the surface and hustling like crazy getting things done under the surface”.

I recently redesigned one of my employers business websites. When he approached me, I pretended as though I knew everything there was to know about a programme I have never used in my life. I even wrote out a proposal which he approved. My expression was as calm as ever; acting as though I was an expert in html when I knew about two things regarding it.

I was hustling like anything to learn everything there was about this programme and it recently went live! Sometimes, we tend to stress ourselves when we don’t have a solution to problems and the only thing to do is by learning and teaching ourselves what the best option is. Hence why I’m sitting with flu because I stress myself way too much on small things that can be avoidable.

About this look: I wore this reddish lace dress for my graduation ceremony but it was so hidden under the long, black cloak, I never gave this dress the recognition it deserves. I’ve only ever saw lace attire being worn worn on slender physiques therefore always looking the other way when I come across a great lace item. However, I adored the fit of this dress around my body which wasn’t too tight and, accentuated the parts that needed emphasis. To break the dark colour, I wore my beige lace-up heels that I can’t part from which allows the overall outfit to look extremely sexy if you ask me haha.

Let's get laceyLet's get laceyLet's get laceyLet's get laceyLet's get laceyImages by: Arlene Marthinus

Dress: Edgars | Lace-up heels: Foschini | Sunglasses: Mr Price

Until next time.