It’s funny how you come back from an amazing getaway holiday to come home and have this desire or urge to do more, see more, just be out there in this big world. That’s currently happening with Courtney and I.

He, however has more annual leave than me and was forced to take more than anyone of us can imagine having. I on the other hand, have to carefully plan my annual leave to the T. So when he said what dates his taking off, I’ve started planning another trip only to click that the short holiday we planning is a week away from our Durban trip. But hey, I ain’t complaining when it comes to new adventures.

About this look:  It looks as though I’m going to have a theme soon on my blog: off the shoulder tops and dresses. I love how they accentuate my upper body and how breezy the dress is while being on vacation where minimal accessories is required and, it can be worn as a beach coverup or an easy throw on for a casual affair. The embroidery scandals and the off the shoulder , lace style make it perfect for a warm evening like it was during this winter period.

Is it Spring yetis it spring yetlacelacelace

Photographs by Courtney Hans

Off the shoulder dress: Mr Price | Embroidery Sandals: Forever 21 (USA)

Until next time.