Knitted Poncho

I hate doing EFT transactions. I am fully aware that the world is now an online shopping centre where at a click of a button, you are able to purchase and pay whatever your heart desires. However, I have mini panic attacks whenever I see the words EFT Payment because the minute you enter the incorrect account number, your money is virtually lost and cybercrime is on the raise like never before.

We recently decided on the final dates for our holiday and I couldn’t bear the thought of having to pay for it via the website so I chose a day I was free and drove to the airport to book. Sadly, I couldn’t do that with the accommodation and it took me three hours to get all the courage to fill in the details via Internet banking of the beneficiary, recited the account number 30 times before pressing ‘make payment’. Luckily within minutes of my attack, I received confirmation that our accommodation has been booked. LOL! Heart attack done for the day!

About this look: Autumn to me feels like winter. The air is extremely cold and I’m definitely not the only one layering up. This knitted poncho is perfect for the chilly weather. It’s thick and comfy and great to wear to any occasion. I totally loved the yellowish colour because it screamed autumn and decided to pair it with a chino pants and brown lace-up heels for a day out with my partner.

Knitted PonchoKnitted PonchoKnitted PonchoKnitted PonchoKnitted PonchoImages by: Arlene Marthinus

Knitted Poncho: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing | Chino pants: Woolworths | Lace-up heels: Legit

Until next time.