I Can’t Adult Today

I love school holidays. Not because I’m on holiday like many kids are around South Africa but traffic is bliss! I’m literally an hour earlier for work where I get to do all my personal admin which I tend to heavily avoid.  Also now that my sister is on varsity holiday too, I don’t get to do any dishes during the week which is another plus for me to simply come home to wash and get into bed without having a ‘I don’t feel like doing this’ attitude.

About this look: Last week, I spoke about adulting and funny enough, I came upon this tee. I can’t seem to find any bold or floral clothing; probably because winter in SA is dull with selection. So I decided to recycle my floral skirt and adding a white t-shirt made it a perfect casual-chic attire. Because the it’s still winter, I threw on my pleather not leather jacket into the mix and made the entire outfit feminine by slipping on some heels and pairing it with a crocodile skin bag I recently purchased on Zando.

Can't adultCan't adultCan't adultCan't adultCan't adultPhotographs by Arlene Marthinus

Pleather Jacket: Mango | Floral Skirt: Legit | Tee: The Fix | Heels: Mr Price (Old) | Handbag: Zando

Until next time.