Holiday Thoughts

Even though I celebrate Christmas and always look forward to the huge feast we have (half day with my family and the other half with Courtney’s), I’m not really big on doing presents like so many of you guys are. Each year, the present list gets smaller and smaller and, I’m probably only be giving one or two gifts to family members this year because if I have to be honest and it’s probably just me but, I’d rather splurge my money on enjoying the festive season rather then having to buy gifts that people already have, don’t want or it’s ridiculously expensive. Does this sound crazy?

About this look: I wanted to do a traditional Christmas theme look and as I’m typing this, is there still a traditional theme? Seeing that the holidays are near and for some you already on holiday, this shimmery gold skirt screams for a party! I decided to recycle some clothing items by wearing my off-the-shoulder top I wore months ago and paired it with my lace-up heels that has a bit of gold detail in the front.


Images: Arlene Marthinus

Off-the-shoulder Top: Forever New | Gold Skirt: The Fix | Heels: Foschini

Until next time.