There’s nothing like catching up with varsity friends or spending the day with family that you haven’t seen in a while. Life does tend to get busy, so I hardly get to see any of my friends or when they do make plans, I often have to cancel. This time around I shifted everything and met up with the lovely ladies I studied with along with spending Sunday at the pools with most of Courtney’s cousins (okay not all). It was definitely a lovely treat not only for myself but to be fully engaged with peoples lives; whether it be good or bad.

About this outfit: First and foremost, I apologize for the blurriness of the images. I’m not sure what had happened during the time Courtney had taken them but 97% of the images are unfortunately bad.


Embroidery is fast becoming a trend to be reckoned with in terms of big or small patterns and it’s making a huge impact of the fashion scene. This dress might not be that intricately embroidered but it does add that elegance to the laid-back vibe. I loved the denim soft material with the embroidered pattern on the neckline for a little bit of an edgy look and the tassel strings on the sleeves which you can adjust around your upper arms. I then paired the dress with an embroidered teal sandal which can be tricky to pull off but I wanted that boho feel and the shoes did just that, I hope.


Images by: Courtney Hans

Dress: Mr Price | Sandals: Forever 21 (USA)

Until next time.