Be Bold

It’s been one of those roller coaster weeks where everything you set out to do doesn’t go according to plan. The only solution is to be bold and find alternative avenues to get things done.

It’s a nightmare, if you ask me but I accept the challenge whole-heartedly and with a fist punch in the air. Okay, probably not the fist-punch scenario; more like a voice whispering in my ear that I can take on this enormous task and fight this dumb infection I had the last week and a half.

About this look: We all know how eager I am to have the sun permanently out and to close the chapter on winters mood swings. When we photographed these images, it was still cold out hence why the patched jeans and suede boots that I literally lived in this past cold season. I decided to keep my entire attire casual but still have one striking item: my top. I loved the bright, bold floral pattern along with that daring orange colour for the coming of spring. I don’t know why but lately i’ve been drawn to all accents of the colour. I recently purchased a orange dress (lol) which will make an appearance once the weather is warmer.

be boldboldboldboldbold

Images: Courtney Hans

Floral Top: Truworths | Patched Jeans: Legit | Suede Boots: Jet Fashion

Until next time.