Cheers to the year that was 2015

On 31 December 2014, my partner said that 2015 would be our year. I didn’t believe him because 2014 wasn’t a great year for either of us but boy, oh boy, was he right after all. 2015 was really our year to love!

I believe that once you get older, many things in your life take shape like having to step out of the student role and truly start taking responsibility of being an adult. I think balancing work, studies and a social life was tricky especially making sure your financial budget is on track and that, you not overspending.

Cheers 2015Cheers 2015

I look back at the year of 2015 and I see lots of failure but at the same time, lots of achievements. I’ve been blessed with not only one job but three. Sounds tiring? I know. It takes every ounce of my body not to give in at night, thinking out creative concepts and strategies to not quit. I’ve been exposed to industries like fashion, decor and health to planting my roots in luxury fabrics and the Law. Who would’ve guessed my colleagues saw this creative being in the law sector? I still pinch myself daily to make sure it’s not a joke. But if you curate a vision for yourself, you will most certainly achieve your goals.

And through all the struggles and trials, I’ve successfully completed my PR Degree. It took me exactly two years to finish it and it was tough. I’ve been blessed to have a strong support system who carried me though the challenges where I wanted to give up.  And then came this platform known as my blog. Thank you to all my readers who have been with A bunch of nuts fell out from day one. Every week, I looked forward to bring you something new and fresh but was suitable for your pocket, and mine lol and inform you on things exploding in my mind.

With that said, I’ll be shifting this platform into a less fashion originated blog to adding a bit of travel too! I decided that I should spend the money I fork out on clothes to purchasing a map of Cape Town and explore secret destinations but I will still do fashion posts, don’t worry.

Well, let 2016 be the year of goal diggers and I hope it will be a prosperous and amazing year for you all. Let’s say cheers to the year that was 2015 and bring on the year 2016 with a smile.

Cheers 2015Cheers 2015Cheers 2015Cheers 2015Photo Credit: Courtney Hans

Until next year!