I attended a braai Friday evening and about 30 minutes into it, I sat on the couch and fell asleep. Yip, at my partner’s family gathering. My body wasn’t use to the adjustment of the overload I carried with me this past week from working 9-5, attending classes and coming straight back home to sit again behind a laptop to do my other job in woe hours of the night.

I envy people who’ve been multi-tasking various jobs and projects and still look fresh the next day. I’m so exhausted that I can’t even brush my hair or even look presentable for the next working day. If you have a multitude of projects, how do you keep up and still look great the following day? I would love to know!


I’m loving these button down skirts but the suede ones isn’t suitable for my body shape. I found this linen midi length one at Jet and paired it with a black and white polka dot sheer top with these beautiful multi-colour block heel.

Funny story about these heels. I saw it in my size, a day before pay day and thought I could get it the following day at another store. Well, I got there and my size was sold out. About a week after that, I went back to find it was still there but was waiting for money to come in. Then two weeks later, it was still there but my partner had my card. I literally made him come the next day to purchase it because the fact that it was still there made me believe it was meant for me to have!

AdjustmentAdjustmentAdjustment                Images taken by: Arlene Marthinus

Skirt: Jet / Top: Mr Price (old) / Heels: Fashion Express

Until next time.